Choose to escape to one of the executive suites, the gorgeous garden suite or the spacious self-catering unit. Every room has a different décor style and look, and each is designed to evoke a different sense of adventure and intimacy. The esteemed artist, Anton Smith, who planned the imposing sculpted beauty that reclines in one of the courtyards, his piece de resistance, has also designed basins, taps and showers that are beautifully quirky, each made to suit the décor of the room.

Mysterious oriental masks, plump brocaded couches, woven leather and grasses blend seamlessly with intricate Persian rugs and carved teak furniture from Morocco. The shutters of arched open windows allow beaded organza drapes to float on a light breeze. Woven leather headboards are embellished by rows of carved figurines. Opalescent tiles fan out in a peacock’s tail behind a deep all-wooden bath, while a latticed lamp spills light over a beaten copper basin in one bathroom. Step outside and you’re in a private courtyard with a Moroccan fireplace. Privacy and intimacy is paramount at Casa Kaya.

      • Nespresso Machine
      • DSTV
      • Mini Fridge
      • Free Wi-Fi
      • Air-conditioner
      • Rope and Slipper
      • Towels
      • Enclosed Patio
      • En-suite
      • Exterior Deck
      • Spa
      • Parking
      • Security
      • Manicurist
      • Free Wi-Fi
      • Dining