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  • The tranquil setting of lush gardens, courtyards, lounges and water features.
  • Luxurious accommodation is available in twelve suites; and each room includes satellite television, secure wireless internet, air-conditioning, laundry services and room service.
  • Conference facilities at Casa Kaya are able to accommodate 10 to 30 persons.
  • Dining at Casa Kaya is distinctive and sumptuous. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. We are fully licensed.
  • The Casa Kaya Health & Beauty Spa, available to public and guests alike, boasts unprecedented spa facilities and a wide variety of treatments.
  • The Spa is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, couples and groups, utilising carefully selected signature treatments.

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conference and dining

There are three dining areas surrounding a centerpiece of palms and water features. Indoor and outdoor dining areas allow guests to drink in the atmosphere of happiness and serenity, while the Moroccan Room is available for guests who would prefer to enjoy a luxurious private dinner. The dining facilities and variety of spaces is ideal for private and corporate catering, stylish weddings, special occasions (kitchen teas, baby showers, birthdays), breakfasts, get-togethers and lunches.

The public is welcome to book as well. The event management team will sit down with you in planning every single detail of your function, from the appetisers, to the full menu, décor for your event, and any other special arrangements.

The versatility of Casa Kaya as a venue, allows you the possibility of including accommodation and spa treatments as part of your event or special occasion. Three conference rooms, a business centre, and private dining areas are available for delegates. And after a long day, the spa offers first class pampering. For the delgates, that can be planned around your business programme.


discover peace through intimacy

  • Choose to escape to one of the executive suites, the gorgeous garden suite or the spacious self-catering unit.
  • Every room has a different décor style and look, and each is designed to evoke a different sense of adventure and intimacy.
  • The esteemed artist, Anton Smith, who planned the imposing sculpted beauty that reclines in the courtyards.
  • The shutters of arched open windows allow beaded organza drapes to float on a light breeze.
  • Privacy and intimacy is paramount at Casa Kaya.

discovering health in nature...

Signature Casa Kaya Treatments

Casa Kaya Signature Full Body Massage using a combination of techniques with Calabash, Hot Stones and Bumba Sticks. 4 x Standing Tan Capsule: With only 8 minutes at a time you can soon be closer to a healthier-looking, more tanned you.

Discover Casa Kaya Spa

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Signature Products

TheraVine™: TheraVine™ is a world-renowned, highly scientific spa treatment range developed by a specialised team with extensive clinical and scientific studies.

TheraVine™ has been developed for you from the indigenous Pinotage cultivar grapes seeds, grape skins & grapevine leaves. It further contains internationally acclaimed active ingredients, in addition to powerful anti-oxidant ingredients – organically grown indigenous botanicals have also been utilized to ensure that you receive an extra-sensory spa experience and product performance. Our concern goes beyond your skin. We ensure that our products, which are naturally derived, do not contain harmful alcohols, artificial fragrances, colorants, harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils. Not limited to age or gender, TheraVine™ holds the answer and unlocks the natural splendour of every person committed to achieving the optimum in skincare. Escape from the pressure of daily life and make time for yourself ! TheraVine™ facials provide the perfect skin maintenance to hydrate, rebalance, nourish and stop time in its track while it's aroma and texture provides for a multi-sensory experience.

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